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Skiing holiday for the whole family

5 tips that will save you money

Familien Skiwoche - Seefeld

Admittedly a skiing holiday with the whole family can be pretty expensive. A big hotel room for you an the kids, boarding, so nobody goes hungry on the slopes, ski passes, maybe even rental gear, ski shoes, skis, snowboards, etc. And once you arrive you don’t want to turn every penny during your holiday and spoil yourself a little. In order to help you enjoy your family holiday to the fullest we have collected a couple of saving tips.

  1. Choose an affordable skiing area
    It doesn’t have to be Ischgl or St. Moritz. Especially when you are traveling with children or other family members you can find more affordable skiing areas and save a lot of money – for example Seefeld. Prices for hotel rooms, provision, etc. are in a much more affordable range – you might just be able to squeeze a beer more at night.
  2. Compare hotel prices
    We can offer you 7 hotels in total in different price ranges, because Kaltschmid is a traditional enterprise with different establishments in all of Seefeld. We’d be happy to find the right solution for you on the phone or via e-mail, because a couple of our hotels are for adults only, others offer excellent child care, so you can spend some time alone as well.
  3. Check affordable travel options
    Usually traveling by car is the fastest solution, however you also have to consider traffic jams, road charge and a lot of stress as a risk. Particularly if you are traveling with kids, the train might be the most comfortable solution. Up to a certain age, children might even be able to travel free of charge. We recommend contacting the responsible public transportation agency directly and a train ride will probably be a cheaper solution than taking a car.
  4. Rent affordable gear
    In case you don’t own appropriate equipment you can rent it for cheap. Oftentimes your children will be provided everything free of charge. We’d be happy to inform you about the most affordable renting options and might even be able to get you a considerable discount.
  5. Look for a skiing area that is suitable for children
    This is crucial not only for finding free rental gear, but also free rides on ski lifts. Children learn faster than adults, so you could even save some money on skiing lessons and teach parallel turns your children yourself. You will be amazed at how fast your little ones will be able to dash down every slope.
  6. Save some more with our ski and skiing lesson packages
    This means an additional discount of 15% for your family christmas vacation in one of our Kaltschmid hotels. Just ask upon booking your trip.

If you follow these suggestions you will put notably less strain on your bank account and subsequently you will be able to enjoy your holiday even more – even treating yourself to a drink more or some souvenirs. If you are not sure which solution might be most suitable for you and your family, do not hesitate to call us!

We are sure, we will be able to find the right solution for you!


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Successful weekend trip

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Great holiday with beautiful surroundings

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Cozy, typical hotel in a quiet location

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No wishes left unfulfilled

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Cosy hotel with great food

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Very nice and well-kept hotel

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Beautiful hotel! Absolutely recommendable!

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Awesome for children and babies

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